The P.G.I. (Protected Geographic Indications) Lemon of Sorrento Protection Syndicate was constituted in March 2002, according to the art. 2602 of the Italian Civil law. Objective of the Syndicate is to carry out initiatives finalized to the promotion, exploitation and marketing of the P.G.I. Lemon of Sorrento registered according to the EEC regulation 2081/92, (see Corporate Charter)

The main instrument by means of which we intend to achieve the above targets, consequently improving the offer capacity and the market penetration of the product locally and not, is the syndicate control and surveillance activity aimed to restrain abuses and irregularities, safeguarding the P.G.I. Lemon of Sorrento against unfair competition and the counterfeit.

As per paragraph 15 of the article 14 of the law no. 526 of December 21st, 1999, on the basis of the assignment conferred by decree of the Ministry of the Agricultural and Forest Policy and in collaboration with the Central Department for fraud restraint of the aforesaid Ministry, the Syndicate carries out its functions of surveillance, protection and safeguard of the P.G.I. according to the ministerial Decree of April 12th, 2000.

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