From the botanical point of view, the I.G.P. Lemon of Sorrento is a local ecotype of the Citrus Limon species (common lemon) known as Lemon of Massa or "Massese (Cultivar Massese)" or as Oval of Sorrento.

Citrus of elliptic shape and medium-large dimensions (weight not less than 85 grams), with a medium thickness peel of citrine yellow colour (for more than 50% of its surface) rich of essential oils that they make it very fragrant. The straw-coloured yellow pulp is very juicy and the juice, characterized by an elevated acidity, is rich of vitamin C and of mineral salts.

The Lemon of Sorrento is a product that qualitatively distinguishes from the similar products thanks to the peculiar characteristics of preservability and aroma of the local variety. This last one, raised with the unique cultivation techniques used in the Sorrento Peninsula, that allow to exalt its specific qualities, has obtained the communitarian acknowledgment of Typical Geographic Mark (I.G.P.) that protects and expolits the exclusive and incomparable I.G.P. Lemon of Sorrento.

PGI Approval

The I.G.P. Lemon of Sorrento P.G.I. (Protected Geographic Indication) is cultivated in the Sorrento Peninsula in the municipal district territores of Massa Lubrense, Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant'Agnello, Sorrento, Vico Equense, as well as in the municipal districts of Capri and Anacapri in the Capri island

The European Community Council Regulation no. 2081/92 of July 14th, 1992, (subsequently modified with CE Regulation no.535/97) relevant to the protection of geographic marks and of guaranteed denominations of origin of the agricultural and alimentary products, recognizes the protection of geographic indications (I.G.P.) of the agricultural products intended for the human feeding for those products for which:

- the name of a region, a particular place or, in exceptional cases, of a country that is used for indicating an agricultural or alimentary product originating from such region, particular place or country, a certain quality or reputation or other characteristic of which can be attributed to its geographic origin and whose production and/or transformation and/or manufacture take place in that particular geographic area.
The Lemon of Sorrento has obtained as from February 1st, 2001, the protection of the geographic indication, granted by the European board according to the art. 6, paragraph 2, of the EEC regulation no. 2081/92.

The P.G.I. (Protected Geographic Indication) is reserved only to the lemons of Sorrento obtained in compliance with a production protocol, that is a group of prescriptions which all the producers that use the collective mark must compulsorily comply with.

Moreover, in order to guarantee that the product meets the requirements of the production protocol, the IS.ME.CERT (Mediterranean Institute of Certification), the control board appointed by the Agriculture Office of the Campania Region, according to the art. 10 of the regulation no. 2081/92, carries out analytical and objective controls, resorting to specific means and permanently having field experts at its disposal.