In 1995 members Giacomo and Maria, strong of a previous experience in the field, give life to Gia.Ma snc in order to continue production of liquor that was traditionally carried out by matran home in craft and for their own consumption.

Manufacturer of Danny Devito Limoncello

The flavor is typical of the lemons of Sorrento , the care we have for our products, from the ancient tradition of our ancestors and their recipes are born products: Contrada jovis.

Confezionamento del prodotto fresco

Our Firm was born in 1998.
Our aim is to spread on a large scale products that preserve flavours and fragrances of our region, Sorrento. The originality of our products is based on the craftsmanlike cultivation and on the twenty-year experience of Carmine d'Aniello, the firm's owner, in the field of restoration.

Cassano 1875 is an artisan who works in Sorrento in the production of cold liquor. The product range originates from the local tradition by incorporating the ancient recipes of farmers and fishermen Sorrento.