Rogelfrut was founded in 1978, but its roots delve into the rural traditions of the Valle Varaita. We are situated in the region of Piemonte in northern Italy, in the lands of the historic Marquisate of Saluzzo, south of Torino: lands of master fruit farmers who know all the secrets of good fruit.

These secrets are proudly preserved in Rogelfrut products: 100% natural frozen fruit from strictly selected crops. For more than thirty years, quality and innovation have played a major role in the history of Rogelfrut.

Rogelfrut was the first European company in this sector to produce frozen IQF dices (apple, pear, and peaches) IQF slices (peaches, apples) and IQF halves apricots that do not change colour for as long as 90 minutes after thawing result that earned Rogelfrut an international patent.

This product reflects a success that has continued to repeat itself over time: each year, 4,000 tonnes are produced and mostly exported to be used in the production of fruit yogurt preparations. There are other significant numbers describe Rogelfrut. Daily production capacity is about 20 tons of frozen products over two shifts (employing more than 70 workers).

Also the Rogelfrut's frozen fruit pure originate with the same care used in the creation of all other specialties. The choice of fruit and its ripeness, the sterile environment in which it is processed, the total absence of preservatives or colorings , storage and finally distribution: each passage expresses the efforts and seriousness of a company against of its customers.

The company also boasts a storage capacity of about 8,000 pallets at -18°C.

Rogelfrut products are the result off the perfect balance between the natural ingredients and the latest technology with which are processed: Atlas Pacific peeling, coring and slicing machinery, Urshell dicing machine, FrigoScandia double belt freezer, Laser sorter Best latest Model: Genius. Rogelfrut professionalism has received various forms of recognition over the years. Rogelfrut, passion for the fruit.

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