On the hills of Sorrento, in the Sorrento Peninsula, few kilometers from the Amalfi Coast, between the magical island of Capri and the famous active volcano, Vesuvius, is where the Frantoio Gargiulo is situated, and where it's passionately dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil preserving the traditions of millers handed down from generation to generation.

The history of the production of olive oil dates back many years ago, even back to the times of Greek mythology. The first evidence of the production of olive oil in the Sorrentinian Peninsula was during the age of the Greek colonies. The old Greek inhabitants produced the olive oil by grinding the olives in an old olive mill, which were made of calcareous stone. The colonies used to prepare large jars of olive oil, which were produced in Sorrento, and donate them to the Godess of Athens at Punta Campanella, and ever since then olive oil has always been a part of our tradition.

Right on the hills of Sorrento, more precisely Sant'Agnello, is where the Gargiulo mill is situated and where for over a century is dedicated to the production of extravirgin olive oil. The passion for the oil comes in 1849, when with a small family mill and manual press, he mills the olives of family farm. In the '70s, continuing the tradition of millers passed from generation to generation, was born the "Gargiulo" brand, which has always been synonymous of courtesy and quality products.

Amoung our range of products we have SYRENUM, extravirgin olive oil D.O.P. Penisola Sorrentina, the SYRRENTUM, an extravirgin olive with delicate flavour, the VENUS extravirgin olive oil organically farmed, and the exclusively condiments with Extravirgin olive oil and the famous SORRENTO'S LEMON I.G.P. and SORRENTO'S ORANGES, a combination of the most popular and typical products of the Sorrento Coast.

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