The Agricultural Cooperative " Le Colline di Sorrento " was created in 2000 to Casarlano , one of the most beautiful and unspoilt of the Sorrento Peninsula . It was founded by a group of friends in order to raise awareness of the fruits of labor of our land.

They also commit themselves personally in the transformation , our products are in fact made ​​from recipes handed down for generations that keep intact the flavors , tastes and smells of the past. The traditional limoncello, for which we only use our lemons of Sorrento IGP certificates , and the oil DOP Sorrentine Peninsula , are our greatest pride. We, also , extra virgin olive oil, which is also used for flavored oils , garden products , are then used for sauces and pickles . The jams are made with fruit from our own production and, as a part of it , the skins are also used for infusions of liquor, while , for liquor and cranberry fennel , gather berries and flowers from the pristine mountains that surround us . We are also aware that the great craftsmanship of our products, will never give us the opportunity to be included in the concepts of the major distributions.

Cooperativa Le Colline di Sorrento
Via Casarlano, 10/B
80067, Sorrento (NA)
Tel 081.8773793 Fax. 081.8774068