The flavor is typical of the lemons of Sorrento , the care we have for our products, from the ancient tradition of our ancestors and their recipes are born products: Contrada jovis.

Our business began with the production of the famous Limoncello liqueur or lemon of Sorrento, with an alcohol percentage of 32 % vol . obtained from the infusion in pure alcohol of the highest quality known as " BUONGUSTO 96 ° , peel lemons of Sorrento IGP certificates ( Protected Geographical Indication) and provided by different agricultural cooperatives operating in Sorrento . Added to this is a wide range of spirits that accompanied Limoncello give pride to our company, but our desire to experience new tastes and fragrances has prompted us to search for " new " were born so the cream with various flavors , the most famous is the lemon cream , obtained with the limoncello to a gradation of 17% vol .

We have gone further , for the sweet tooth , with the production of Limoncello Chocolate , Alcohol 18% vol .

Our company will soon launch on the market in the bottles and a new line of products , combining liquor to the taste and goodness of the typical Neapolitan pastries including La pastiera but everything to drink: LA PASTIERA TO DRINK ® .

The bottles will also send the typical Dolce di Capri " caprese " , a novelty, but it will be all to drink then DRINKING CAPRI ® .

Not least the local Limoncello Baba with which we have tried to combine the skills of Neapolitan pastry flavor of our spirits.

Ours is a kind of production , I would say , craft and this undoubtedly is a guarantee of reliability about the quality and workmanship of the products for customers: " The most valuable part of our heritage is constituted by our customers. E ' then our constant aspiration to make us worthy of their trust . "

Nothing is put on the market if it has not been well controlled both during processing and after the production .

Much could still say, but , I believe, nothing but our products can talk about our company and processing methods , so : " Try to believe ! " .

company Profile
Company Name: Liquorificio Contrada Jovis Ltd. , Sant ' Agnello ( Naples)
Year of establishment : 1997
Administrator only : Liberato Mollo
Sectors : artisan liquor ( limoncello , mandarin, myrtle , nocillo ) , creams, baba and marmalades .
Employees: 2
Markets: Italy , Germany, Denmark , France, Sweden .
Internet address:
Telefax: 081 . 028.73.19