Cassano 1875 is an artisan who works in Sorrento in the production of cold liquor. The product range originates from the local tradition by incorporating the ancient recipes of farmers and fishermen Sorrento.

The company, having started operations only in July 1998, was able to immediately impose their products on the market.

The product is by far the leading "Limoncello di Sorrento", bottled in different formats in order to better meet the diverse needs of consumers and economic realities of operating both in Campania in the whole national territory.

Participation in the National Salon of Taste (Turin, November 1998) was an opportunity to test their skills and competitiveness in this sector.
The undisputed quality of locally produced is undoubtedly due to the essentially artisanal nature of production and the undisputed property 'organoleptic lemons of Sorrento (Sorrento oval variety), grown using a technique remained unchanged over time.

The quality of the lemons used is witnessed by the protected geographical indication (PGI) granted by the EEC.