Cooperativa Solagri was formed in 1994 thanks to the entrepreneurship and attachment to his native land of Mariano Valentino Vinaccia, a young farmer and former merchant ship captain who decided to save the Sorrentine lemon from extinction and revive its cultivation

something which had been uneconomic for decades because of a lack of appropriate marketing strategies and the political will to revive it.
The Solagri Coop. today consists of over 300 fruit farms and Mariano Valentino Vinaccia is its Chairman.

Since 2000, thanks to Solagri's efforts, the "oval Sorrentine lemons" have had the European Union's Protected Geographical Indication) status (PGI) so that the "oval lemon" is only that produced on the Sorrentine Peninsula and the island of Capri.
Solagri selects and packs the lemons with great care and distributes them to the national and overseas markets that pay most attention to quality.

Solagri s.c.

Società cooperativa di produttori della Penisola sorrentina e dell' isola di Capri
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