Villa Massa is the company which produces the Liquore di Limone di Sorrento commonly called "Limoncello" according to an ancient family recipe . Villa Massa was founded by Sergio Massa and his brother Stefano in 1991.

Villa Massa are leaders among those companies which exclusively use Sorrentine lemons - the only variety which is recognised in Europe by the term "Indicazione Geografica Protetta" (Protected Geographical Location), or (I.G.P.) - and are based in Piano di Sorrento in the heart of the Sorrentine peninsula.

Production is carried out in via Mortora S. Liborio, while the lemons themselves are cultivated partly in gardens owned by the company and partly by external growers, all rigorously controlled and all within the Sorrentine peninsula.

Apart from the traditional lemon liqueur, Villa Massa are also famous for their orange, mandarin, citrus fruit and walnut liqueurs, not to mention their cream liqueurs made by the addition of a delicate milky cream. The last product of Villa Massa is DSTILL, an innovative distillate of thin Sorrento P.G.I. Lemon peels.